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QAM thanks Ken Woodrow & Mike Adams for the donation of this aircraft.

Purchased from Ipswich cartoonist Will Mitchell by Ken Woodrow and Mike Adams and donated to QAM. It was the intention of Mr. Mitchell that the aeroplane be flown but it was built with little or no supervision by the DoA and consequently could not be flown. While not an accurate replica it is an interesting display. The aircraft was originally fitted with a Volkswagen engine and painted in a garish red/green colour scheme with the name "Red Rosy". The Scout has been used mainly as a mobile display to support shopping centre displays etc.

Repainted to represent the only Scout D to come to Australia. Markings consist of serial C.F.S.4 on the rudder and serial number 8976 retained on the rear fuselage. Volkswagen engine was removed in favour of a replica rotary engine.

Transferred on loan to Museum of Australian Army Flying at Oakey in exchange for loan of Bell Sioux A1-738.

Displayed (by Army) at RAAF 70th Anniversary Air Show at Richmond NSW.

Returned to QAM Caloundra by MAAF. Sioux A1-738 returned to MAAF Oakey same day.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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