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A collection of parts acquired by QAM from the Classic Jets Fighter Museum in Adelaide in 2002 is believed to comprise principally the centre fuselage of A92-529 and the rear fuselage of WRE-601. These parts were previously part of the Moorabbin Air Museum collection.
A92-529 Jindivik Mk. 3A c/n 129 (also reported as WRE-529) A92-601 Jindivik Mk. 3B c/n 1 delivered to the Weapons Research Establishment as WRE-601
The aircraft being assembled by QAM will be a composite of these two aircraft and will also include components from other aircraft of unknown identity.
A Jindivik Mk.303A claimed to be WRE-529 is located in the collection of the Classic Jets Fighter Museum at Parafield, SA. having been acquired from the Rohrlach Collection at Tanunda, SA.This aircraft is said to be a composite of A92-427, A92-520, A92-523, A92-524, A92-526, A92-528, WRE-529, A92-601 AND A92-610! The CJFM Jindivik is marked as WRE-529. Accordingly the identity WRE-601 has been adopted for the QAM composite.

Compiled by Ron Cuskelly
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Compiled By Ron Cuskelly


Amended date of acquisition from 2003 to 2002.

Issue: 3

DATE: 24 AUG 09

Adopted identity is WRE-601

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DATE: 03 JUN 06

Original issue.

Issue: 1

DATE: 19 OCT 05

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